Parent Survey Opportunity: Staff Collaborative Time

The District 181 Board of Education is considering the addition of eight late start days in the 2013-14 school year. Late start days would be one way to give more time for teachers to collaborate and review assessment data so that the entire team of educators can provide a more tailored educational experience designed to meet students’ individual needs. Late start days would also allow for more opportunities for teachers to share best practices that can be embedded system-wide throughout the District. Late start is one way to provide additional staff collaboration time. Several other components are being developed, including re-imagining how plan time is used and restructuring after-school contracted professional development time. All parents are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions document on this subject, available at available on that page is a survey. In an effort to help gauge the level of support for staff collaborative time and the possible implementation of late start, District 181 parents are being invited to complete the online survey. It will be available via the website from April 15 – May 3The Board of Education has approved a tentative calendar with the late start days included. However, no final decisions have been made. The Board will vote on the calendar during their meeting on May 28, following discussion and review of the survey’s results.